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Our medical wristbands are very easy and fast in use, non transferable and discrete . Hospitals and other care institutions use our identification wristbands to distinguish the patients clearly from the moment they enter the hospital until the end of their treatment. All the necessary information of a patient can be indicated on the wristband.

Orakel offers 3 different types : vinyl bands with insert, write-on plain bands and tyvek bands . These different types have the same goal : a fast and efficient identification of the patient . The bands have a special safety fastener which makes them non transferable.

The vinyl bands are manufactured in a hypo-allergenic and water resistant material without sharp edges. They can be delivered both for adults as for babies . 
The tyvek bands are soft, water resistant and very easy to use . Also available for adults and babies .

Both the vinyl and tyvek bands are available in many colours which makes it possible to use colour codes . A specific colour can be linked to an allergy, emergency, special treatments or contagious illnesses.


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