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Wooden Tokens

Wooden-embossed-tokens-2-min Wooden-printed-tokens-min Wooden-embossed-tokens-3-min Wooden-printed-tokens2-min Wooden-embossed-tokens-min
  • Ecologically sound: 100% natural* 
  • Original and eye catching in their simplicity
  • A choice of Embossing or Printing available
  • Excellent quality

Wooden Tokens: A totally new Token - simply appealing as nature intended and earth friendly* too.

Natural looking Wooden Tokens are now part of our range. Unique as a currency or as a wonderful keepsake or as a impressive promotional item, they can be used for so many different applications only limited by ones imagination: catering, festivals, hospitals, events, congresses, schools and by earth friendly supporters.

Our wooden tokens are made of a combination of wood fibres and natural resin. This composition is 100% natural* and also biodegradable by nature.

You can personalize the wooden tokens by printing* your logo and/or text on 2 sides. The printing is done digitally and you can choose from 1 colour or multi colour print at no extra cost. For a wonderful, natural looking finish, Orakel is also uniquely able to offer embossing on both sides.

Wooden Tokens are available in a choice of sizes:

  • 23,3 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 29 mm
  • 35 mm
  • 38 mm

For those who like to design their own Wooden Token, you can contact us directly.

For easy storage and facilitating efficient fast counting at events, we offer plastic sorting trays which are compact, stack solidly and are washable.

From our range of Tokens, We also can offer you Eco-Tokens which are totally biodegradable. Made from the starch from potato skins, and with the right conditions present, they simply biodegrade back into the soil. 

Our other Tokens include Plastic Embossed TokensPlastic Tokens Printed with a single or full colour print ColourCloakroom NumbersCrystal Tokens and Cocktail Stirrers.

^ Please note, whilst the fibres of the Wooden Token are totally earth friendly, any inks added to the Token are not.

Standard designs for embossed Wooden Tokens


Standard designs for printed Wooden Tokens



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