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Token Bags

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  • Attractive and popular as a souvenir
  • Excellent tool for marketing purposes
  • Reusable time and again
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Minimum order quantity: only 500 pieces

We are happy to launch our extremely attractive Token Bags which will immediately spark your imagination as to how they will raise the status of  your party, festival or event. They are designed to hold tokens safely, will cut down cashier box time as they will be ready filled and will immediately draw comment from those who attend as a wonderful addition to the day. They will be used long after the event as mobile or ipod holders, and continue to advertise your event cost effectively.

Personalised, lovely to handle and fun to own, token bags will make your event memorable. Everyone will constantly use the bags all through one or more days of your event and whilst they are advertising your graphics or slogan, they are also providing a practical solution to carrying tokens.

There are 2 standard sizes of token bags available:

  • 80 x 130 mm (stores approximately 50 tokens)
  • 80 x 160 mm (stores approximately 100 tokens)

Our Token Pouches are made in a soft material, closed by means of a woven drawstring. Your logo and/or text on thetokenbags afford immediate branding recognition and suggest a quality operation. We offer 3 finishes on either white or coloured bags:

  • Woven with yarn in 1 colour
  • Woven with yarn in 3 colours
  • Printed full colour

Have a browse around our website to see our full range of embossedprintedcrystal and eco tokens as well as all our other products.


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