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Ocean Tokens

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  • Durable choice
  • Different sizes available
  • Reduction of marine pollution
  • Ocean token designs available
  • Minimum: only 1000 pieces

In addition to our eco-tokens and wooden tokens, we have expanded our environmentally friendly range with a new green alternative, the ocean token.

Marine pollution is a growing ecological issue where our seas and oceans are being inundated with plastic waste. We thought it was time to support and contribute towards reducing pollution.

Our ocean tokens are embossed tokens made from old, recycled fishing nets. These used nets are provided by the Danish company Plastix, who work to provide sustainable solutions to protect water environments.

Our durable tokens can be personalised on one or both sides with your own logo/text. We also offer a range of standard designs, which include a few unique designs of the ocean and marine life.

The ocean tokens are available in one colour and are easy to order online via our webshop. Choose a socially responsible token for your next event and know that you and your clients are contributing towards helping the environment.

Please note! Since we are working with a recycled material, it's possible that the tokens show a colour difference as well as an instability in size. 


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