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Festival Tokens

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  • Minimum quantity: 15.000 pieces per design. 
  • Orders only available by mutliple of 3.750 tokens. 
  • Standard delivery time: 3 weeks after approval of the design.

Our Festival Tokens are the perfect cashless currency for large events. The tokens come in sheets of 25 separate square tokens which you can snap off easily, ensuring quick distribution to reduce waiting times.

Unlike our round reusable tokens, festival tokens are ideal for one off use. Also for ease of distribution thanks to a little notch, each individual token can be snapped in half if you want it to. For durability of the sheets,  the middle token cannot be snapped in half.

The Festival Tokens are available in 5 different colours, which can be personalised with your design in one colour or full colour print.

Forgot to order your festival tokens in time? Take a look at our festival tokens in stock, that are available for immediate despatch now!

Available colours: yellow, red, dark green, dark blue or white.



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