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Full colour print

Sublimation print lanyards are perfect for designs in full colour.

Sublimation starts with a digital design of your logo in CMYK colours. The design is printed (with sublimation ink) on paper with a special coating. The paper is then attached onto a polyester or PET lanyard, after which both the paper and the lanyard are placed in a transfer press.

By heating the press, the ink becomes gas en the molecules of the lanyard start to expand. As a result, the ink can easily connect with the surface of the lanyard. As soon as the heating stops, the ink goes back into its liquid state and becomes 'trapped' in the lanyard. You will see the design on both sides, as this process is always done on a white lanyard.

1 or 2 colour print

Do you want your own logo or design on a pre coloured lanyard? Then our screen print lanyards are perfect for you! With this technique your logo or design will be printed on top of your lanyard, with a very sharp result!

But what is screen print?
Screen print is a direct printing technique, by which the ink is printed through a partly open and partly closed wire netting. The desired print is applied by a synthetic strip which moves over the wire netting. 
Do you have a design in two colours? That means the whole process will be done twice, with two different synthetic strips, so the colours won't mix.

For screen print we have a number of predefined base colours on which we can print pantone ink.


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