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Glow Sticks: a guaranteed party success!

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You may wonder what is a Glow Stick and what are they used for. Here are some interesting facts and ideas for you.
A Glow Stick is a plastic tube with in this 2 fluids which, when they interact, form a chemically created luminescent light. You activate the fluid by bending the stick , the 2 substances are released, converge, and the result is a beautiful, highly visible ly effective lighting

  • When you have activated the glow stick, it will continue to glow until the luninescent fluid stops working, therefore they are not reusable
  • Glow Sticks have on average an 8-12 hour lifespan depending on the size (ie quantity of fluid).
  • Glow Sticks are a safe light source . Non irritative, corrosive or toxic and respected for their non flammable properties, care should still be taken to follow the basic safety advice enclosed with the glow sticks. Not suitable for children under 3.
  • Storage – approximately 2 years . After this time, the light intensity will decrease or the glow stick will fail to operate.
  • Glow Sticks are waterproof and suitable for diving.
  • For any night time event or party, the sea of multi coloured glow sticks will not only be a wonderful visual memory to remember, but offers a priceless safety factor because they are highly visible.


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