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Fabric wristbands with reusable closure

Textile reusable closure Textile pearl closure
  • Reusable
  • Very convenient
  • Fashionable appearance
  • Contemporary look


For our fabric woven and printed wristbands we offer now also a plastic closure for multiple use: the bead closure.

This reusable bead closure consists of a plastic, silver pearl that you can slide easily back and forth to put the wristband on or off.

You can loosen the closure again as often as you wish, so very useful for events with children or youth, for theaters, clubs and festivals that want to use the wristbands repeatedly. 

This closure can be used for our Fabric Woven Wristbands and Fabric Printed Wristbands. Below are the prices for both types of textile wristbands.

Order these wristbands now via email [email protected].


We have hundreds of coloured threads and can therefore represent your graphics to a very high quality. Please note: our prices include up to 8 colours. If you want additional colours or lurex threads, please enquire.



Our Thermo printed Fabric Wristbands use a heat transfer system affording a photo realistic finish and gradients of shading.



Before we start the manufacturing process, we will send a print proof for you to amend or approve. Please provide us with your graphics/text in an Adobe Illustrator Vector File or in a high resolution PDF


  • ristbands with metal, plastic tube or bead closure: 1,5cm x 35cm
  • Wristbands with plastic snap fastener: 1,5cm x 26cm (including 12cm with strap holes)
  • Wristbands with metal, plastic tube or bead closure: 1,5cm x 34cm
  • Wristbands with plastic snap fastener: 1,5cm x 25,5cm (including 12,5cm with strap holes)


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