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Non-surgical Face Masks

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  • Protect yourself and others from dust, dirt and bacteria
  • Customisable
  • Elastic fastening straps
  • For children, teenagers and adults
  • Machine wash up to 60°C
  • Made in Europe

A Face Mask creates a physical barrier to protect against possible dust, dirt or bacteria. Wearing a Face Mask can also be useful to avoid infecting other people when you may be a carrier of a bacteria or virus. Orakel has its own production of Face Masks in Europe. These masks are available in custom full colour print using CMYK colours.

The outer layer of our non-medical Face Masks are made of 100% polyester. The inner layer is made of cotton providing extra comfort. Elastic straps are attached to the sides of the mask and are easily placed behind the ears. The straps are made of elastic, spun cotton which is more suitable and comfortable to use over rubber bands.

There are 3 models within our range of Face Masks:

Double layer with a vertical seam at the front
The double layer design with a vertical seam at the front does not have a filter pocket. The mask is stitched together in the middle and designed to fit comfortably on your face.

Triple layer with a vertical seam at the front 
This triple layer design with vertical seam is provided with a filter bag (filter not included). It is stitched together in the middle and comfortable to wear.

Pleated triple layer 
The mask without a seam at the front has a filter pocket (filter not included) and a rectangular design with 3 pleats so that it can be worn comfortably over the mouth and nose.

All these models are available in 3 different sizes: children, teens and adults.

At Orakel you can choose between unprinted or printed masks. We have the triple layer unprinted face masks with a seam in the front in stock in White or Black for adults and teens and are able to be despatched quickly. All other colours of masks can be made on request. For colour printing, by sublimation, there are options available depending on the type of mask you choose. The models with the vertical seam at the front can have an identical design on both sides (mirrored) or a different design on each side. The model without a front seam can be printed with a full-surface design all over the mask, because the top layer is made up of 1 piece of fabric.

Our Dust Masks are reusable and can be machine washed up to 60°C. We do not recommend using fabric softeners. The masks can be tumble dried on a delicate program.

TIP: Our face masks offer sufficient protection if you use them without a filter. Still looking for a one? Simply use a coffee filter or double folded kitchen paper.


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