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Hear today and gone tomorrow...wear Ear Plugs!

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  • Packed conveniently
  • Full colour personalisation available
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Orakel Earplugs are Certified as safe

Earplugs have become an indispensable item at every festival or music event. It is a proven fact that high noise levels of 105.3 dB(A) (equal to that of a chainsaw) such as is experienced at a concert, festival or sports occasion accelerates hearing loss . Hairs within the ear, there to protect the ear from excessive noise are overloaded and reduce in numbers accelerating hear loss over a period of time which is irreversible. Prevention, through using our earplugs should therefore be considered essential. Orakel earplugs offer on average, a reduction in sound attenuation of 35 dB SNR (A) .

Our quality ‘Moldex’ earplugs designed to mould to the natural contour of the inner ear are made of polyurethane (synthetic foam), therefore adjusting to fit everyone’s individual ear shape. We have 2 kinds of earplugs: disposable andreusable.

An individual pack consists of two earplugs, housed in a hygenic plastic pack. There are 200 packs to an outer.

We offer personalisation of the earplug pack by stapling a paper card to the pack with your choice of text, logo or advertisement. Offered at events with high footfall, earplugs are an ideal mass media marketing tool. 

Our disposable Pocket Packs contain 2 pairs of earplug and our reusable Pocket Packs contain 1 pair. The option to personalise with a sticker is available.


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