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Adhesive Fabric Badges

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  • Writable surface
  • Full colour printing
  • No clothing damage on standard wear garments
  • Can be resited
  • Water and tear resistant     
  • No Badge Holder or Lanyard required
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Exclusively designed for you

Our woven Adhesive Fabric Badges help you organise your event quickly and conveniently. An innovative, highly visible method of identifiying different groups, Orakel's Adhesive Satin Badges are a high quality product which will impact your corporate/event branding on all who see them.

The back of the fabric badge has a specialised adhesive that will fix quickly and easily onto clothes, without damaging them and without leaving a glue residue. The product design allows you to remove the badge and replace it elsewhere several times.

Using digital printing, we can personalise the Fabric Satin Badge with your logo or text which affords an unlimited choice of colours and designs.

Where organisational requirements are most specific, we can add Barcodes or QR codes to support this.

As our Adhesive Fabric Badges have a writable surface, we can leave a space on them for your own use, ie to identify backstage or VIP personnel. This flexible feature along with the Satin Badges being water and tear resistant, not requiring any additional help to display them (ie a card holder), plus bespoke personalisation, makes this adhesive, easy to wear Badge a most attractive consideration.

Our Adhesive Satin Badge is made in a closely woven, adhesive backed satin with a quality peel off paper of 120 grams. There are two sizes available:

  • 100 x 80 mm
  • 100 x 140 mm

For more ideas on how to control your event or project after having considered our Adhesive Fabric Badges, Orakel has a wide range of Stentex Printed BadgesLanyards and Card Holders as well as WristbandsTokens and Tickets to name just a few.


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